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    2016 Youth Art Contest

    Before we get to the "Winner's list" I just have to say... WOW and HOLY COW! We sure have a lot of amazingly talented young artists in our community! Every single entry this year is fantastic! So many creative ideas. Amazing use of color. Lots of different mediums! All who entered sure did a great job of showing off what it means to be an artist! Thank you all for participating in the 20th annual All Tehachapi Youth Art Contest. (Those of you who are seniors, be sure to apply for our scholarships! They are due April 20.) 

    2016 TVAA Youth Art Contest Winners 

    Best in Show Lower Grades: Cora Shea Sweeny “I’m fine, a self portrait.” 

    Best in Show High School: Karson Gilbert “Ram” 

    K, 1st & 2nd Grade: 1st place - Owen Keller “The wolf & it’s baby” : 2nd place - Lydia Henning “Indian Sunset” : 3rd place - Capri Cummings “The Bright Flier” : Honorable Mention- Katheryn Donnel “Windmill in the moonlight.” : Cade Hull “Light in the storm.” : Sophia Genardini “Cutie” 

    3rd, 4th, 5th, & 6th Grade: 1st place - Keera Madoski “Beautiful Bottles” : 2nd place - Mikailey Judkins “Smile!” : 3rd place - Marques E. Munos “Tricerotops Horridus” : Honorable Mention- Eden Beyer - “He is Risen, Indeed”: Charlotte Wilson - “Morning Glory” :Sadie DeVey - “Ocean Blue” 

    7th & 8th Grades: 1st place - Ethan Tenderholt “Rustic Barn” : 2nd place - Versailles Zendejas “Werewoolf at the Full Moon” : 3rd place - Ashley Lantana “Strumming Satyr” : Honorable Mention- Ella Whitney “Sunflower” : Joshua Beyer “Island Turtle” : Saida Woolf “Yellow” 

    9th – 12th Grade: 1st place - Carolyn Gallella “A Life Time” : 2nd place - Jessica Riggs “Horse” : 3rd place - Cierra Cole “Time Perception” : Honorable Mention: Gracie Nicholas “End of a Dream”: Trinity Short “Bright Flowers” : Autumn Shackelford “Chameleon” : Daisy Edwards “Dream on Missy”


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