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    2017 Feb Photo Contest

    Tehachapi has an incredible amount of amazing photographic talent and a lot of it is on display for the month of February at Gallery 'N' Gifts for the 12 annual Photo Contest. With images ranging from prickly hedgehogs to amazing deep sea critters and photos from all over the world, fifty seven photographers bombarded the judges with 165 photo entries...and the winners are:

    Best of Show: Susan Neiman

    Animals: 1 Jessica Martin; 2 Adrian Walter; 3 Susan Miles; HM Anne McLean, Susan Neiman, Mikailey Judkins

    Black & White: 1 Vincent Hernandez; 2 Heather Tingley; 3 Jennifer Selbrede; HM Caleb Weston, Thomas Medaris

    Details & Macros: 1 Chris Naftel; 2 Vincent Hernandez; 3 Dennis Cowden; HM Chris Naftel

    Flowers: 1 Joanne Hays; 2 Mikailey Judkins; 3 Ashley Coles; HM Chris Naftel

    Landscape & Nature: 1 Susan Neiman; 2 Susan Neiman; 3 Jean Reisen; HM Christine Odom, Jennifer Selbrede

    People: 1 Adrian Walter; 2 Thomas Medaris; 3 Heather Tingley; HM Jim Carmichael

    Travel & Architecture: 1 Adrian Walter; 2 Jim Carmichael; 3 Hillorie Thomas; HM Jan Skaggs, Thomas Medaris

    Youth Photography: 1 Kiera Judkins; 2 Rachel Stillman; 3 Grace Miller; HM Diana Partridge, Jeremy Cable


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